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 🌙 The ONLY calendar that starts with Dark Moon Cycles and includes standard months, weeks, and dates.

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🌙 STOP THE MADNESS of living against Earth's natural cycles when your body is earth.

This is why many are struggling. They are living by man made cycles versus God's lunar cycles and solar seasons. 


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Our unique calendar interweaves the lunar cycles with the standard Gregorian dates, offering a transformative approach to how you view time and plan your life.

  • Eclipses: Know when these celestial events are happening
  • Solstices and Equinoxes: Easily operate your life in accordance with the ideal season. 
  • Full Lunar and Solar Zodiac Tracking: Daily lunar signs and shifts in the solar sign. 
  •  Live by Cycles, not Gregorian Months: Start with cycles that include the date versus adding moon cycles in as an after thought. 


We have included the common names of the Moon from the  farmers almanac and Popular Native American Tribes  

Blood Moon

Regeneration, Receive, Renewal

Womb Moon

Creatix, Conception, Rebirth

Solar Moon

Empowerment, Strength, Conduit

Blossoming Moon

Love, Wisdom, Authenticity

Manifestation Moon

Manifest Moon

Integrity, Alignment, Intention

Imagination Moon

Illuminate, Intuition, Purification

Expansive Moon

Consciousness, Ascending, Descending

Spirit Moon

Commune, Radiate, Celebrate

Transcend Moon

Transcend, Eternal, Harmonize

Cosmic Moon

Oneness, Acceptance, Joy

Galactic Moon

Liberation, Peace, Attunement

Moon Blood

Perfect, Sacred, Blessed

Celestial Moon

Surrender, Appreciation, Trust

 Blood 🩸  Moon 

Perfect, Sacred, Blessed

There Are Many Benefits of Living In Harmony With Natural Cycles

Embrace Nature's Rhythm

Discover how syncing your life with natural cycles can combat feelings of tiredness and a lack of inspiration.

The Problem with Conventional Timekeeping

Understand why the traditional Gregorian calendar might contribute to your sense of fatigue and disconnection.

Lunar Cycles and Renewed Energy

Learn how the lunar cycles and solar seasons  calendar aligns with your body's natural energy patterns, offering a more rejuvenating way to organize your life.

Tuning into Seasonal Shifts

Explore how being mindful of seasonal changes can help you feel more energized and inspired.

Rest and Action in Harmony 

Find out how to balance periods of rest and activity by following the ebbs and flows of natural cycles, enhancing your well-being.

Personalized Pace of Living

Learn to tailor your activities to your unique rhythm, reducing stress and increasing satisfaction.

Moon Faces, Phases, and Emotional Wellness

Discover how each phase of the moon can affect your emotional state and how to use this knowledge for better mental health.

Natural Cycles for Creative Inspiration

Tap into the power of natural rhythms to boost your creativity and bring fresh inspiration to your projects.

Tools and Resources

Access a range of tools, including a powerful frequencies  to help you transition smoothly to living in sync with natural cycles.

Aligning with Lunar Cycles and Solar Seasons

Our lunar and solar calendar honors the natural cycles of the moon and the sun and then synced in standard months, weeks, and days/dates. We prioritize the lunar phases and solar seasons so you can begin to plan your life by them. You can  easily operate by the standard date now, while setting and implementing intentions at times when the energy is most supportive.

For example, initiating new ventures during the New Moon, when energy is rising, or releasing old patterns during the Full Moon, can be more in tune with your body's natural inclinations. Another example is implementing big resolutions with  The Lunar New Year or Spring Equinox, when the increased energy of the sun can massively support you, versus the midst of winter during the standard Gregorian New Year. 

Why Traditional New Year Resolutions Often Fail

In the Northern Hemisphere, the start of the Gregorian year falls in winter, a time when the Earth is in a state of rest and renewal. This season is not naturally conducive to the burst of activity and change that New Year resolutions typically demand. Our bodies, deeply connected to the Earth, crave rest and introspection during this period, as taught to us by Earth. When we push against this natural rhythm, our efforts to implement new resolutions often falter.

For Women 

This calendar is especially resonant for women who are connected to the moon and embody the Divine Feminine Christ/Buddhic and Priestess Energy . It offers a way to deepen your spiritual practice by aligning with the feminine aspects of creation and renewal. It is time to live in harmony with the celestial cycles and your monthly bleeding cycles that influence our planet and our lives. Embracing the lunar and solar seasons calendar is an empowering step towards living in a way that is more synchronized with the natural world and your inner truths. We have a section dedicated to the moon and menstruation.  

This comprehensive calendar will be your guide through the next 13 lunar cycles, helping you to live in alignment with the natural rhythms of the Moon, Sun, and the Earth while EASILY tracking the standard dates you are accustom to.

Cycles, Phases, Faces

People often suggest following the Moon's 28 day cycle, due to her 27.3 day orbit, but from Earth's perspective, there's a slight discrepancy. Here's an intriguing Moon fact: the Moon's cycle repeats every 29.5 days, though Her orbit around Earth takes only 27.3 days. Why this difference? As the Moon orbits Earth, Earth itself is moving around the Sun. Therefore, our Moon needs to cover a bit more distance to complete her cycle as seen and felt from Earth. This calendar honors how we see and experience the Moon from Earth, not space.

Mystical Concepts

This is a playful calendar. If you're curious about other concepts like Ascended Masters, chakras, and the significance of various frequencies, you're welcome to explore the cards, charts, and videos we have included.

If this aspect of exploration resonates with you, great! If not, that's perfectly fine. Feel free to take from this calendar whatever speaks to you and leave what doesn’t. Each cycle in the calendar is linked with a QR code that leads to a video.

A Message From Casey Christine

It is nice to meet you new friend. I'm Casey, and I have a deep love for all things related to the Moon, as well as a profound appreciation for the Sun. Humanity is currently evolving into higher levels of consciousness, a transition that comes with its own set of challenges and 'birthing pains'.

One of the most effective ways to ascend into these elevated states of being is by aligning our lives with natural cycles and seasons.
And you have found a tool to help you do just that.

This is a calendar that equally honors both Mother Moon and Father Sun. By acknowledging both aspects of the Divine and returning to natural cycles, we begin to feel a sense of wholeness. We have been detached from living in harmony with lunar cycles and plunged into an un-natural fast paced rhythm for far too long, and it's clear that this disconnection isn't serving us well.

In my quest to find a solution, I have created something special for you. Finally, a calendar that begins with the Moon Cycle, not just including her as an afterthought. This calendar is not solely focused on the Moon; it also honors the Divine Masculine aspect of nature – the Sun, represented by the solstices and equinoxes.

Many of us are accustomed to living by the standard week to week calendar, but this often leads us away from the feminine lunar monthly cycles, which offer a gentler, more rhythmic passage of time compared to the hurried, week-to-week pace that can leave us feeling depleted.​

As you adopt The Beauty Way of cyclical living for yourself, you contribute positively to all of humanity. Thank you for choosing to co-create Heaven on Earth with me. May you experience the bliss of living in communion with the natural cycles.

  • The detailed First Lunar Cycle of 2024.
  • Understand the significance of each phase in this cycle and how to align your activities for maximum benefit.
  • Early Access Notification: Be among the first to receive notifications for the release of the complete 13 cycles of 2024, leading up to the lunar new year of 2025. This is your chance to plan your year in harmony with the lunar rhythms and solar seasons.
  • Insights into Lunar and Solar Wisdom: Discover how the lunar cycles and solar seasons influence your energy, mood, and well-being, offering a unique perspective to help guide your daily life.

The full 2024 Lunar Calendar will be released on January 25th, coinciding with the last full moon of the current lunar calendar year cycle. The next lunar new year is February 10th 2024.